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Explore on-demand business ideas to generate more revenue. Here is the list of profitable businesses to start and serve your targeted customers.

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  • tick_list  Configure credit limit and deposits
  • tick_list  Multilingual travel websites
  • tick_list  Add offline travel bookings
  • tick_list  Distribute white labels
  • tick_list  Dynamic fare caching
  • tick_list  Commissions and markup control
  • tick_list  Advanced Reports
  • tick_list  Manage multiple branches
  • tick_list  Sub Agents can create and manage multiple branches and users
  • tick_list  Optional cross selling platform
  • tick_list  SMS gateway
  • tick_list  Multi currency transactions for agents and suppliers
  • tick_list  Business intelligence reports
  • tick_list  Online travel booking engine
  • tick_list  Multiple sales channels - B2B, B2B2B, B2B2C
  • tick_list  Centralised mid-office
  • tick_list  Ability to connect multiple GDS, LCC, and third party APIs
  • tick_list  Complete Reservation Management
  • tick_list  Travel Agent Management
  • tick_list  Transactional Accounting
  • tick_list  Accounting System Integration
  • tick_list  Comprehensive system to manage rates, discounts and allocation
  • tick_list  Payment Gateway Integration
  • tick_list  Multiple Supplier APIs
  • tick_list  Add direct contracts
  • tick_list  Redistribution API

On-Demand Business Ideas

We have implemented a few on-demand business ideas that will let you reach the business goals and get branded in the market effortlessly.




On-demand apps are fulfilling user’s demands right up from delivering things to their doorsteps and thereby creating a personalized experience to avail their desired services at their ease. The on-demand business ventures have made a revolution, the way most of the business serves its customers. 

The smart entrepreneur always likes to establish a business that's not capital-intensive but lets them a bath in billion dollars. The low investment business that generates optimal profits is a desirable proportion because if anything goes wrong, then it won’t take much time for the entrepreneurs to recover the losses. However, the lifeline of the business is appealing ideas, which are trickier to choose from, but when executed well, it yields significantly high profits.

Thanks to the on-demand economy that has enabled the entrepreneurs to take a plunge without investing huge bucks and start reaping the benefits slowly without needing to stumble upon venture financing. 

Also, realizing the need for great delivery of business ideas, our technical and business analysts have created a list of ideas that are booming in the market and allow businesses to seize an edge shortly.


Market Exploration of the On-demand Business Ideas 


The familiar business model in the on-demand delivery industry brought a high convenience rate among the users. This gives hope to the other industrial services to tie up with the top mobile app. Which simplifies the convenience factor while offering a variety of services to their customers. 

The on-demand service is designed in such a way to reduce the waiting time of the customers and to give them full flexibility in their shopping. This improves the customer’s experience which brought several companies to offer their own delivery service with the help of third-party delivery agents.

The majority of the on-demand business models are delivery services, especially food delivery service is the most common thing. Everyone is aware of the food delivery industry, but there are still a lot more industrial sectors that have a huge revenue gain impact in the market space. 


Top On-Demand Business Ideas for Startup for the Next Decade




If you are one of the business enthusiasts looking forward to starting an eCommerce venture revolving around the on-demand economy, spend more time deducing the optimal business model before executing it.

With various technologies coming into play, and the growing customer demands, the journey of entrepreneurs to launch an eCommerce marketplace is getting easier. Adopting an innovative approach and finding a sound business model is enough to lay the foundation of a new business. 

The following are some of the most lucrative business options inspired by the on-demand economy.


1. Start A Multi-Vendor E-Commerce Marketplace


The eCommerce sector has seen tremendous growth in the recent past and the sector is speculated to see a phenomenal rise of 30% in the next few years. This has opened a completely new horizon when it comes to creating multi-vendor eCommerce marketplaces

Such marketplaces provide a common platform to various sellers thereby bridging the gap between sellers and buyers. The best part about it is that you, as a website owner, do not have to bother about inventory or deliveries.


2. Launch An Online Grocery Store


Grocery shopping is a task which consumers have to undertake every other day. An online grocery store in that situation is a perfect solution. More and more people are now inclined towards buying groceries online. If you are interested in launching a startup catering to a niche market such a marketplace is best suited.


3. Run A Daily Deal Portal


With eCommerce gaining traction, the next big boost has surely come in the daily deals arena. However, there is still a huge void in this sector with ample room for new startups. While consumers get better deals, merchants, on the other hand, get customers in bulk. The platform gets a cut on each successful transaction.


4. Run An Online Custom Clothing Platform


Lifestyle and fashion have always been the biggest drivers of the eCommerce industry. However, new business models like online custom tailoring platforms have emerged in this sector. 

Custom clothing websites not only offer bespoke clothing but also a sense of personalization. Such websites help consumers choose fabrics, measurements, style specifications, and get custom-made clothes delivered right to their doorstep.


5. Launch A Marketplace For Freelance Writers


Professional freelance writers have always been in demand and their demand is growing each day with the focus shifting to content marketing. That said, brands face major problems finding writers for essay writing, research paperwork, or any other form of academic content. 

Moreover, finding proficient and professional writers is the biggest hassle. This is where peer-to-peer marketplaces for freelance writers come into the equation. These platforms connect freelance writers with clients in need of any type of writing project. You can think of something like these freelance writing portals.


6. Create A Marketplace Of Service Professionals


Like above, there is also a huge market for a service professional marketplace where you can easily find professionals like lawyers, doctors, carpenters, or any other type of professional. 

Such websites have an immense growth perspective and the best thing about choosing such a marketplace business model is that you can opt for catering to a niche market like a doctor search marketplace or home care professional search marketplace.


7. Build A Platform For Online Food Ordering


Home delivery has been a tried and tested business model used by numerous restaurants. However, this was limited to a few large chains of restaurants. Nowadays online food ordering has become a huge market with portals coming to the center stage. Such websites offer restaurants and online gateway where consumers can place their orders, thereby coming across as the need of the hour and a viable business option.


8. Start An Online Car Marketplace


Buying or selling a car has always been a strenuous task for consumers. However, with the coming of age of eCommerce and online car marketplaces, the whole process has become seamless. 

Online car marketplaces have become a huge hit among automobile enthusiasts and car buyers alike. Such marketplaces offer in-depth analysis of automobiles and present a platform to connect sellers and buyers.

There is no denying the fact that the above-mentioned business options offer immense growth propositions. However, the crucial aspect, which must be kept in mind, is that whatever business model you choose, the implementation must be holistic. 

Most of them have a huge return of investment guaranteed, but one must not forget to conduct additional research before investing in any online business.


How to transform your on-demand business into a huge success?




Competitive pricing


Each customer has different requirements. Therefore, the pricing structure should be based on their requirements. For example, in the case of courier delivery, you can consider the weight and size of the package. Also, it is necessary to consider the delivery speed the customers want to avail.

Ensure the price of the service they availed via the app is less the service they availed through traditional business. This will encourage the customers to use your app. Keep the price according to the industry standards. Moreover, if you keep the price higher than your competitors, there are a lot more chances that your customers may have a second thought of availing their services.


Aesthetic packaging


Good packaging impacts your brand image. You can even make it as a USP or differentiating factor to stand apart from your rivals. So right from the start of packing, still the delivery, ensure that the proper packaging and the packaging box are maintained.


A mobile app with user-friendly features


Online presence is essential for a business in this digital world. Therefore, take your traditional business to the next level by launching an on-demand multi-delivery app. Moreover, the features you included in the app play a vital role. For example, adding a feature like a GPS tracking system makes it friendly for the customers. This way, you can manage the business operations efficiently without paperwork.


User engagement


It is an important factor to consider for making your business successful. Transparency in the process is what the customers will expect. Let them know the order status in real-time via in-app notifications. Also, it will be great to inform your customers about the estimated delivery date & time. Besides, update the status via email or SMS. Notably, with the help of live chat, customers can get their queries resolved at any time.


How TripFro Thrives the Business ?


TripFro is one of the top delivery business ideas providers in the more flexible market. Also, it adapts to any type of business model according to the clients’ requirements. Therefore, there is no need for any compensation in the business demands. Our client will be getting the exact app solution as they demand. 

We have a highly creative and motivated team to build your app solution in a short time. That helps you to launch your service in the market quickly with attractive interfaces and logo design. Your ideas are safe with us. Therefore, you can bring unique ideas and feature lists to build your innovative on-demand delivery service shortly.

Since we are in the on-demand delivery business market for a long period, we are well aware of the knock and corner of the app service. This assists us to build an enriched application interface with sparkling metrics. To make the service easier, we have integrated the required features. 

TripFro, being a pioneer in the app development company, offers you best-in-class services according to your needs. With our premium app development solutions, you can climb the ladders of success in no time. 

This simplifies the end payers’ workflow with the features corresponding to several delivery business models listed above. The notable features are:

These are the top business ideas where you can earn huge revenue by investing in the right app solution. I hope this might be very helpful for you to choose the right business idea. We TripFro help young entrepreneurs to build and design their dream venture with a modern transformation easily. 

Reach out to us for services, and we’ll be happy to let your app scale among the masses in the shortest turnaround time possible.

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