Healthcare Mobile App Development – A Practical Guide

Healthcare Mobile Application development changed the way of business. And it entered into many fields which made major improvements to the world.

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A Practical Guide On Healthcare Mobile Apps

Looking for Best Practices those developers should follow while developing health care applications? You are in the right place. We establish cutting-edge healthcare apps to help you lead the future of the healthcare industry.




Escalating Quality of Your Well-Being With The Help of Latest Healthcare Mobile App Development


Healthcare App Development Services have been scaled different levels up, with the growing use of technological healthcare solutions. The present circumstances and the advancement in technology have made the Healthcare mobile app development solutions take a front seat. 

Doctor consultation app makes procurement of medical advice, treatment, medicines all easy. The demand for healthcare app development services is on a constant rise. Before discussing our Healthcare app Development Services, let us probe into the needs of the industry.

We at TripFro, design UI/UX websites and develop such applications that contribute to the growth of the healthcare sector. Our medical app developers use efficient server technology such as Google cloud platform, Digital ocean Cloud, and Private Cloud Provider. 

Benefits Of Mobile App In The Healthcare Industry

Healthcare app provides its customers with lots of facilities like they could easily get appointments fixed with the desired doctor, they could interact with the doctors and could check the availability of the medical reports in a very short time span.

As mobile apps are of great help to all the departments and are touching each segment of life; likewise it has shown and proved their great many importance in the Medical and healthcare area.

As we know, medicine is such a department which requires a lot of deep knowledge and prompt service.

They could also purchase the medicines online. The doctors of the relevant patients could check the patient’s reports and suggest medicines if required on a quick and emergency note.

1. Healthcare Apps Supportive To Doctors and Medical Staff


The Healthcare apps are proved to be a boon to the Doctors and the Medical staff associated with the Hospital.

The apps help the doctors to get updated with the current help of their patients.

Today, even the prescriptions of the doctors are digitized which could be accessed on the patient’s mobile.

2. HealthCare Apps Are Blessing In Far Remote Areas


In today’s era of Smartphone’s and the internet reaching home to home, the rural and far-flung areas are also reaping the benefits of the Healthcare apps.

They could book their appointments with the expected doctor and also could purchase the medicines online without traveling to the hospital.

Through push notifications, they could also get important health tips.

3. New Business Models and Opportunity Emergence


The medical staff makes referrals through mobile health apps such as Referral-MD. They no longer follow the age-old trend.


More Benefits:


Nowadays, Mobile apps are being used for several other purposes related to health care such as reducing weight, women’s health, and pregnancy care, elderly healthcare, etc.

These interests are opening doors to new opportunities in this area.


1. Reduces Risk Of The Wrong Diagnosis


In earlier times, we had heard about cases and people who had been wrongly diagnosed and had even lost their lives.

But now with the introduction of the Healthcare apps, accurate and correct reports are provided through the apps and the doctors and the patients are made sure to get correct reports.


2. Reduction In Medical Bill And Expenses


Some of the expensive Medical facilities could be replaced and could be availed through the Healthcare app. Thus, such apps are soft on the patient’s pocket.

Healthcare App Development Services



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Hospital & Practice Management Solutions


Healthcare Mobile Apps Trends


Cloud-based health apps






Integrating the Internet of Things



mHealth payment system



Health monitoring


With smart devices in action, healthcare can be monitored in real-time. Today, healthcare application development goes beyond normal tracking of steps and heart rate. Several startups and companies are building apps that can provide guidance to improve health. Apps will be more focused on analyzing data and detecting diseases by finding out patterns in medical history.

These 5 healthcare app trends are likely to change the course of the healthcare industry as we know it today. A software development company specializing in building healthcare apps can enable you to leverage technology and deliver proper care to patients. The company can help you make the most of these trends through innovative healthcare apps.

Types Of Healthcare Apps There Are Dozens Of Healthcare Apps That People Are Using Right Now. Here Are The Most Popular Healthcare App Types That You Should Take A Look At.

1. Appointment Scheduling Apps


Even though telemedicine is so great, it comes with its own set of shortcomings. It is frequently not enough for serious medical conditions, where you have no choice but to directly engage with your doctor or surgeon. 

For this purpose, you need a good scheduling app. A cross-platform scheduling app can be very useful, as it will also help you to make and manage appointments with your doctor. No matter where the clinic is and whom the doctor is, using a cross-platform app like this can be hugely beneficial for both doctors and patients.


2. Medicine Delivery App – Delivery Types of Healthcare Apps


This is definitely the most popular app type in the field of health and personal care. Medicine delivery apps have become very popular all over the world. This kind of app allows them to purchase and get essential medication delivered to their doorsteps. You don’t have to go outside. All you need to do is to wait for your order to arrive.


3. Medicine Reminders and Alerts – Alerting With Push Notifications


Recently, there have been apps coming out that are meant for forgetful and absent-minded people who forget to take their medicines. These apps can help you to keep track of your medication and your doses. It is also effective for elderly people with dementia. 

These apps come with a ton of amazing features such as real-time updating, monitoring, and comprehensive analytics. By collecting this data, it can help the businesses as well as the patients and the doctors. In fact, proper information can help professionals mitigate a lot of unforeseen risks and complications easily.


4. Mindfulness, Health, and Fitness Apps


During such difficult times, it is crucial for both patients and clinicians to take good care of their physical and mental health. Thanks to the application market, it’s currently brimming with many apps that will enable you to do everything right from eating healthy to getting better sleep. 

You will come across many apps that will help you keep track of how active you currently are and the things you eat. Opting for such apps will also be helpful for you because it will enable you to maintain your weight. With these applications, you can meditate or sleep. You can create your own set of sounds that will get you into the meditation mindset.


5. Tele-nursing Applications – Tele-consultation Types of Healthcare Apps


It is not possible for patients to go to the clinic and make an appointment with a doctor unless it’s an emergency. In this kind of situation, a telemedicine application can be very useful. It bridges the distance between patients and doctors. 

Apart from telenursing, a broader industry known as telemedicine has recently come into being. People are finding it very convenient to use their phones and other personal devices to consult with their physicians. These telenursing applications are a very convenient type of healthcare app for those who are confined to their homes.

Step-by-Step Process of Healthcare Mobile App Development


Identify a Problem


There’s an abundance of mobile healthcare applications in the market. How will yours add any extra value to end customers and set you apart from the rest? You need to conduct detailed market and competition research to identify gaps your product can fill and problems it can potentially solve.

Speaking with doctors, nurses, hospital management staff, patients, and other core audiences can give you an insight into how to build a genuinely helpful, practical product. 


Understand Your Audience


Did you know, about 75% of US hospitals have tried to offer a health app without carrying out a preliminary analysis of their core audience? As a result, only about 2% of the patients used them. Understanding your target audience helps you gauge their exact pain points and needs from your app, which you can use to develop a custom healthcare solution that’s effective.


Conceptualize a Design


Understanding your target audience is also important for designing your app. Generally, an older audience likes simple navigation and bigger fonts while a younger audience prefers colorful UI with better functionalities. 

The design will also depend on whether your audience is patients or healthcare professionals. Study your competitors’ products and do a SWOT analysis to understand how to give yourself an edge. Keep in mind that the UI design will make or break the product, so invest time and resources accordingly to get it right.


Begin by Creating an MVP


Medical application development can be a costly affair. It’s always recommended to begin by developing an MVP (minimum viable product). Use solutions that are already available when building the first working version of your app. Ensure all third-party integration is seamless.


Test & Gather Feedback


The reason to start the project with an MVP app development is to be able to test it, add required functionalities to the product, and avoid large-scale glitches. Remember, the application needs to be released as soon as possible. 

It can then be updated subsequently with market feedback. User feedback, ratings, beta and distributions tests help capture bugs, and other issues you can fix and ensure the product is improved in each upgrade. On the contrary, if you release the completed product all at once, it may still have massive errors.


Widespread Distribution


App distribution depends entirely on its purpose. Those developed for a specific group of users can be downloaded from a generated link. For a wider audience inside a particular organization, it’s advisable to make a private enterprise app store. This can give software developers access to analytics that enable them to work on future upgrades.



The medical industry offers many lucrative business opportunities, so it’s no surprise that you can find different avenues to monetize your app. You can opt for in-app purchases or advertisements. You can even earn revenues via subscription to your app.

What are the Features that Healthcare Mobile App Development Company Must Add to Your App?


This is the most important thing to consider while availing of healthcare app development services. The usability of the healthcare app will increase depending upon the features you choose to integrate. 

Moreover, not all healthcare mobile app development companies will have the ability to add all the features. Read some of the top features which you can consider to integrate with your healthcare app:

Social Media Integration:


This is not a very important feature for your healthcare app development. You can choose to integrate your app with social media accounts to need information. But generally, healthcare apps require more information. The inclusion of this feature depends on the type of app you are choosing.


Immediate Chat:


This allows patients to chat with healthcare providers around the clock. They both can communicate instantly through the common medium, that is, your healthcare app. A real-time chat feature gives you an edge over other apps that lack this attribute. It reduces the overall time in treatment and provides an improved user experience.




API of Google Maps or any other map service is quite necessary for healthcare app development. This will let patients find clinics or hospitals or healthcare providers very conveniently. Moreover, in emergency situations, these geolocation features can allow you to locate a patient easily.


Push Notifications:


This is the era of push notifications not only for healthcare apps but for the mobile apps of every vertical. Anything that happens in the app should be informed through push notifications to the users on their devices. Apart from this, it can also help in sending reminders to patients about their medicines or checkup schedule.


Payment Gateway Integration:


This is one of the must-have features in your healthcare app. Moreover, to add payment gateways you will have to choose a reliable and well-known healthcare app development company. Make sure that the payment gateway in your app is secured with PCI-DSS. 





Reviews and Ratings


Why Hire Healthcare App Developers From Us?



It is better to hire the experienced Android app developers of TripFro, the best health app development company worldwide because for the following reasons:

Effective communication


One of the main reasons for the success of our company in developing highly functional and performance healthcare apps is that we communicate with the clients effectively to understand their needs and what they are looking for. This, in turn, helps us to apply the best strategies and fulfill the needs of the clients easily.


On-time delivery of project


Completing the project on time and delivering it is what we are reputed for. Our medical app development team keeps giving up-to-date information to the clients about the app development process and stays in touch with them till the end.


Skilled and qualified developers


As a leading healthcare app Developments Company in India our highly qualified developers are capable of transforming your ideas into reality.


Client Satisfaction


Our main focus is to fulfill and satisfy the needs of our clients. And to do that our professionals make the best efforts. Our talented app developers strive for developing user-friendly apps, with high on quality and performance.


Experienced developers


Our Company has a pool of talented and experienced developers, who have helped the clients in developing a healthcare app of their choice and need.


Suggestion and feedback


We always encourage our clients to provide their suggestions and feedback through any communication means like whatsapp, email, Skype, etc. This is important as it helps us to perform much better in our field.





We are a Globally Renowned Healthcare App Development Company


If you are looking for the best healthcare software developers for your next project or looking for a reliable healthcare development partner to establish robust, reliable, and secure software solutions for healthcare ISVs, physicians, and hospitals by having an extended healthcare development team, then get in touch with us today to leverage our end to end healthcare and pharma software application development services.

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